• "The Martin Luther King Holiday makes us look at ourselves to see if we are doing right as individuals, if we are doing right as a country, and if we are doing right as a world. And so I feel very good that people recognize Dr. King for the leadership that he provided to our country because he changed an entire nation nonviolently." - State Rep. and First Lady Wilma Webb
    Rep. Wilma Webb fought to establish Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a holiday in Colorado for 4 years. She built momentum each year and the bill she sponsored was finally adopted in 1984. Strong Sisters had the honor of interviewing her last year.

  • In her autobiography, Rep. Elizabeth Pellet tells about marching in parades for women's suffrage on 5th Avenue in New York City. She describes a band in the parade that played "Some of These Days You're Gonna Miss Me Honey", a hit tune from the 1920s. We thought we'd share a piece of the jazz culture that motivated these women: http://youtu.be/ijmpTlN3HRI

    Sophie Tucker - Some of These Days (1926)

    Sophie Tucker was born as Sophia Kalish on January 13, 1884 in Russia. When she was still an infant, her parents emigrated to the United States and settled n...


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