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Strong Sisters now offers the digital version of the film for FREE!

Download the film to watch on your computer, tablet or smartphone, or stream it online. Just go to our Vimeo site (click here).  Make sure you are on wifi – you don’t want to pay to download an entire film on data!

Once you’ve seen the film, please leave a comment on the Vimeo page and click the heart to show you like the film. That will help it get attention and encourage others to view the film. Thanks for your support!



Your free download is for private use and for groups of less than 50 people when there is no charge for the screening and it is not used at a fundraising event. If you do show Strong Sisters to a small group, please send us an email at to let us know which group and how many people saw it. We just want to have an idea how many people have seen the film and where.

If you would like to show our film to a group of more than 50 people or show it at a fundraiser or sell tickets to the screening, you must purchase a Public Performance License from Strong Sisters. Email to learn more about Public Performance Licenses.

Strong Sisters Producers Meg Froelich and Laura Hoeppner are available for presentations and Q&A sessions at screenings. Contact to learn about our fees.

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We are grateful for generous Strong Sisters sponsors:
The BNSF Railway Foundation
The Colorado Office of Film Television & Media
Richard J. & Margaret Kruizenga
Derek & Sylvia Kruizenga
Colorado Institute for Leadership Training
Meg Froelich
David & Sue Hoeppner
Laura Hoeppner & Kevin Singel
Rudy & Alice Ramsey Foundation
Cynda Collins Arsenault
Jana Cytrynbaum
Barbara Lee
Jay Newberg & Mary Cowen
Judi Wagner
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Deborah Beckman
Colorado Hospital Association
Hoerner Mowry Law Offices
Elizabeth W. Killebrew
Ronald & Sally Kinnamon
Polly Loewy
Lynne & Jon Montague-Clouse
Karen Onderko
Tami Paumier & Glen Warren
Carrie Warren-Gully
Rep. Ruth Wright

(see the Donate page for a full list of Sponsors)