Who we interviewed:

Rep. Jeanne Adkins

Rep. Vickie Agler

Sen. Irene Aguilar

Sen. Norma Anderson

Sen. Polly Baca

Lynn Bartels, former Denver Post Reporter

Gail Beaton, Historian

Rep. Alice Borodkin

Sec. of State Mary Estill Buchanan

Patty Calhoun, Editor, Westword

Senate President Morgan Carroll

Rep. Lois Court

Congressmember Diana DeGette

Rep. Crisanta Duran

Sen. Martha Ezzard

Rep. Jeanne Faatz

Rep. Rhonda Fields

Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald

Sen. Joyce Foster

Rep. Cheri Gerou

Sen. Angela Giron

Dr. Marcia Goldstein

Sen. Lucia Guzman

Commissioner Josie Heath

Sen. Mary Hodge

Rep. Diane Hoppe

Sen. Sally Hopper

Rep. Evie Hudak

Mary Hughes, Political Strategist

Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst

Denver Deputy Mayor Cary Kennedy

Rep. Peggy Kerns

Dottie Lamm

Prof. Patricia Limerick

Prof. Bob Loevy

Rep. Alice Madden

Congressmember Betsy Markey

Rep. Rosemary Marshall

Denver Council Pres. Ramona Martinez

Rep. Anne McGihon

Rep. Karen Middleton

Rep. Laura Miller

Rep. Carole Murray

Sen. Linda Newell

Dani Newsum, Historian

Sen. Jeanne Nicholson

Rep. BJ Nikkel

Prof. Tom Noel

Sec. Gale Norton

Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien

Rep. Angie Paccione

Sen. Pat Pascoe

Rep. Ruth Prendergast

Rep. Diane Primavera

Sen. Ellen Roberts

Sen. Dorothy Rupert

Rep.Su Ryden

Sen. Paula Sandoval

Lt. Gov. Gail Schoettler

Congressmember Pat Schroeder

Sen. Gail Schwartz

Sen. Nancy Spence

Speaker Lola Spradley

Rep. Amy Stephens

Jody Strogoff, Colorado Statesman

Sen. Gloria Travis Tanner

Sen. Nancy Todd

Sen. Kiki Traylor

Sen. Jennifer Veiga

Rep. Wilma Webb

Denver Councilmember Elbra Wedgeworth

Sen. Dottie Wham

Rep. Angela Williams

Sen. Suzanne Williams

Rep. Ruth Wright

Katie Ziegler, National Conference of State Legislators


We are often asked how we decided who to interview. With hundreds of Strong Sisters across the state, we had to prioritize our interviews, and, of course, our options were constrained by resources and time.

We were focused on state legislative, statewide, and Congressional offices. We started with women who served in leadership positions in the state legislature. We also reached out to as many women who had served in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s as we could find. We were also committed to making sure we had geographic, racial, ethnic, and partisan diversity. And then it was sometimes simply a matter of scheduling and convenience (when someone was in the Denver area or we happened to be doing a bunch of interviews in a location convenient to several women).

We wish we could have interviewed every elected women in Colorado, but that isn’t practical. Because we were committed to making the film, after almost 3 years of research and interviews, and with a waning budget, we had to wrap up the interviews and focus on editing the film.



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